may, 2016

21mayallday22alldayFeaturedBCP Vet's Clinic- Blue Rock MCC2 Day Riding School aimed at riders over the age of 30+


Event Details

Our brand new ‘Vets’ over 30+ BCP clinic has generated huge interest in recent weeks

We are wrapped to announce that our debut Vets clinic will be conducted at the Blue Rock MCC

The event will consist of two days of riding where the experienced riders will refine their skills and put themselves to the test through a variety of competitions and race simulations

The Saturday night will consist of camping out, a beer or two around a camp fire sharing some cool exaggerated stories, with a few steaks on the BBQ

Current and classic bikes are welcome and there will be power bands for sale at the canteen for any two stroke riders

MXTV will also be along for the event conducting a feature for an upcoming episode

The cost of the two days is $230

Coaches will be: Lee Hogan (over 40 Vet) and Brad Matheson (over 30 Vet)


may 21 (Saturday) - 22 (Sunday) EST


To Be Announced in coming days


Lee Hogan's Building Champions