BCP Pro Circuit Honda Junior Development Team rider Rhys Budd is currently living every mx kids dream. He is just about to finish day three in California alongside his family and is well underway with his training for the upcoming Mammoth Mountain MX Amateur National which starts this coming week. Budd’s team manager and coach Lee Hogan will be boarding a plane tomorrow morning set for Los Angeles and will join the Budd family for their full week up at Mammoth Mountain in Northern California.

“It is a very exciting time for Rhys and his family. They have been looking forward to this trip for months,” said Hogan.
“ Rhys will be racing one of the Geico Honda Amateur Team race bikes while over there and he’ll be racing the 250B and Schoolboy 2 classes against the likes of factory rider Joe Shimoda.”

Rhys has been making the most of the trip so far enjoying both the time on the motorcycle while also enjoying the tourist attractions.

“It was so good to get a tour from Kristian Kibby through the Geico Honda factory when we picked up our bike,” said Budd.
“I got to ride Pala Raceway on our second day over here and the track was awesome. You see all these places on tv and internet all the time but when you’re actually here you kind of need to pinch yourself. When Lee and my brother Mitch arrive Monday morning we are heading to 6 Flags Magic Mountain and then back into some training before starting the drive up to Mammoth.”

On the other side of the globe back in Australia Royce Anell has stepped up to the plate over the weekend with an impressive win in the 250cc A grade junior class at the Outtrim round of the Gippsland Centre Championships on board his BCP Honda CRF250R. The kid from Rosebud has recently found some impressive form and this win reflects a successful run of training over the last few weeks.

“It feels so good to finally get some momentum going,” said Anell.
“Confidence is a funny thing and while I know my riding has been going well I was just struggling to believe in myself come race day. It feels good to get this win under my belt and I’m looking forward to more of these in the future.