Recently crowned Victorian Junior MX Champion Tanesha Harnett is set to pilot a Honda CRF150R at the upcoming National Junior Motocross Championships being held at the Penguin circuit in Tasmania in early October. The BCP Pro Circuit Honda Junior Development Team rider has has an incredible year so far on her 250cc and has won every event entered in 2018.

“We came up with the idea recently to do a test ride on a CRF150R while I was down in Melbourne training with Lee (Hogan) and see if I gelled with the bike straight away,” said Harnett.

“To be honest I’m still probably a better size on the smaller bike but we’ve just been putting all of our efforts into the bigger 250. I’d never ridden a 150 four stroke before but from my first couple of laps I felt so comfortable on it. And my lap times were basically the same as on the 250! I loved my years on an 85 but I can’t believe how smooth and easy to ride the 150 is,” continued Harnett.

“My main focus will still be the 250cc girls category at the Aussie Juniors but at least now we can go for two titles in the one event and that extra time on the track will be awesome for line selection. I know I’m fit enough to do both bikes and I’m so looking forward to seeing what we can do come October. I’d like to say a big thank you to the Paar family for making their little weapon of a bike available for me to race and train on leading up to the event.”

The National Junior Motocross Championships start September 30th at the Coastal MCC in Penguin Tasmania.