The walking sticks will be out and the Nurofen packed in the gear bags soon as a two day MX riding clinic launched purely for riders aged 30 plus is about to be hosted in coming weeks at the Gippsland circuit of Blue Rock.


The event will be hosted by Lee Hogan’s BCP coaching program and feature quite a few interesting additions aimed at the older age bracket.


“The idea came about during a conversation with one of my good friends who currently races the Vet class in Victorian races,” said Lee Hogan.


“The old boys really like learning new tricks while trying to better their skills, but they do it at a different pace to the kids. They like to take in the information and digest it first, figure out whether they trust the information and ponder on it for a while prior to biting the bullet and giving it a go haha.”

“The last thing they want is some rug-rat kid on a 65cc or an 85cc revving the heck out of their bike or pushing in while lining up.” (no disrespect kids)


“This two day clinic is all about the fun side of the sport. Getting a bunch of the older crew together, having a ball on the bike with a few race simulations, and then a bit of solid banter around the campfire with a BBQ and a drink.”


The event will be hosted on the weekend of Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd May and you can find out more or enter for the event by logging onto